Current season and phase:

Blue Chip Club Pre-Season Phase 2 (2023)


88 of the 888 NFTs chips are Gold enabling always a premint spot and lucky holder rewards. 8 of the 88 Gold Chips are fully animated in near 4k resolution.


Upcoming Events

Blue Chip Club 2023


Pre-Season Phase 1

MILM NFT Procured

Blue Chip Club collective has procured the MILM (Mom I’d Like To Mint) 6969 NFT collection. MILM is scaling out its lore and narrative via comic book series releases. Ultimately Blue Chip Club is seeking networks like Netflix and or Hulu type platforms to produce a limited or full season to season series for public release. Characters from the collection and MILMs scaling collections are characters within the series.

MILM (Mom I’d Like To Mint) NFT is an art project focused on empowering women to embrace ourselves as we are. MILM’s are focused on the embodiment of the female as she has carried and brought life through her body and can still exhibit beauty with confidence, grace, desire and power.

Freemint event


Freemint phase begins June 8th, at 8Am EST. Freemint phase will run for 88 hours for bluelisted wallets. Any unminted will flip to public at 0.00888 ETH per each mint until minted out.

BCC NFT Giveaway


Blue Chip Club will be hosting consistent giveaways once all of the 888 NFTs are for minted out. Through obtaining floor Blue Chip Club NFT sweeps and hosting giveaways via discord and live twitter spaces lucky participants will win a free NFTs.

Royalty compounding


The Blue Chip Club first NFT project secondary market trading begins at 8.88% royalty of ETH beginning at 0 value and grows from launch. The 8.88% royalty eth from each buy and sell spreads into compounded ETH that is utility for buying different blue chip nfts like BAYC, Azuki and more as giveaways token gated to holders. Take the freemint journey and be rewarded for holding and participation. There are much more planned reward events in digital and irl to arrive to holders.

Yeetoshi Mining


Listing your Blue Chip Club NFT at 0.038 ETH or higher enables passive earnings of 888 daily Yeetoshi tokens that is compounded and allocated every 8th day on Monday between 8am and 8pm EDT. Yeetoshi compounding earns Proof Of Yeet Genesis (POYG) NFT characters on the BNB chain and access to the manga. Yeetoshi is also native to the BNB blockchain and now mineable at All BNB netted from Yeetoshi mining is allocated directly to the Yeetcoin : BNB LP on Pancake Swap, increasing the market cap and passively auto-deflating Yeetcoin from its 21 trillion supply, burned down to only 21 million YEET long-term, alike to Bitcoin’s current difficulty and inflationary structure.

Proof Of Yeet DeFi Ecosystem:

Our pledge is to create a sustainable network ecosystem that doesn’t live off the backs of but alongside hodlers, creators, gamers, artists and community as a whole. YeetFi grass roots and organic growth entity aims to be a household name loved and a utility by multiple niche marketplaces. Anyone anywhere from cryptocurrency traders/hodlers, NFT collectors, gamers, social engagers, artists, musicians and more is who Proof Of Yeet is for.

The genesis is here but the exodus has yet to begin as your first hint to the lore and narrative of Proof Of Yeet Genesis characters.

20K Stealth Launch


Hodl your Blue Chip Club NFTs for the genesis journey forward during 2023 pre-season phase 2. This also entails that you have direct freemint access to our upcoming 20k stealth launch nft collection on the Ethereum blockchain. Do not miss your chance to participate!

Blue Chip Heads


Blue Chip Heads is our upcoming 111 piece NFT carefully crafted by our early bird community members. From the name, to the collection size, traits and artistry flow will deploy upon the Ethereum blockchain reserved as first come first serve basis to GoldChip holders claim, and remainder claim by any BlueChip holder.

After all 111 Blue Chip Heads are minted, reveal takes place and the burning ceremony begins. It will be up to the holders of Blue Chip Head NFTs to either keep as an ETH maxi NFT, or burn and receive the same version of your burned Blue Chip Head as a “Ordinal Inscription” on the Bitcoin Taproot Blockchain.

Blue Chip Club 2024


Season 1 Phase 1 Begins

Blue Chip Club's NFT Collection

From the BCC NFT collection we will be holding giveaway events exclusive to BlueChipClub NFT holders.

Here you will find NFT’s Blue Chip Club has collected to gift back to the holder community, with a focus on “Blue Chip” status (high valued) NFTs.

The Blue Chip Club Team

KΞK - Founder - Dev

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888 BlueChipClub NFTs.

Ethereum Blockchain.

Freemint or however much the open market offering floor is.

ERC721 is the solidity smart contract structure  via OpenSea drop solidity smart contract code structure, enabling the lowest gas costs possible for minting an NFT.

A wallet may mint 3 at max. Public mint is open ended but we look to overfulfill the Bluelist as not everyone will pre-mint.

Primarily it is always recommended to learn about how to use a Ledger cold storage wallet device bought directly from the official Ledger company sales website. Next to ledger Metamask and Coinbase wallets are good secure self custodial wallets where you control your privacy keys and assets via app base or browser/web based wallet applications.

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