The Blue Chip Club

888 BlueChipClub Access Passes ERC721A NFTs

88 of the 888 NFTs chips are Gold enabling always a premint spot and lucky holder rewards. 8 of the 88 Gold Chips are fully animated in near 4k resolution.


Upcoming Events

MILM - Premint Access

MILM (Mom I’d Like To Mint) NFT is an art project focused on empowering Mom’s to embrace ourselves as we are. MILM’s are focused on the embodiment of the female as she has carried and brought life through her body and can still exhibit beauty with confidence, grace, desire and power.

2 MILM NFT Giveaway


After mint via discord to BlueChipClub NFT holders only will be a 2 MILM NFT giveaway. The two MILM NFTs will be needed to claim the upcoming secret limited series collection drop from the MILM – Mom I’d Like To Mint generative art project.

TBCC NFT Giveaway


The Blue Chip Club will be hosting a public giveaway once all of the 888 NFTs are for free minted out. Through obtaining floor BlueChipClub NFT sweeps and hosting giveaways via discord and live twitter spaces lucky participants will win a free TBCC NFT.

1st NFT Project Partner


The Blue Chip Club first NFT project partnership along with carefully researched and selected additional NFT projects will be updated here and only accessible to TBCC NFT holders on a fair lottery/access giveaway system based on how many pre-mint access spots the project is allocating to our community.

The Blue Chip Club's NFT Collection

From the TBCC NFT collection we will be holding giveaway events exclusive to BlueChipClub NFT holders.

The Blue Chip Club Team

Kin - Founder - Dev

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888 BlueChipClub NFTs.

Ethereum Blockchain.

Free to mint or however much the open market offering floor is.

ERC721A is the solidity smart contract structure, enabling the lowest gas costs possible for minting an NFT.

A wallet may mint 1 at max. Public mint is open ended but we look to overfulfill the Bluelist as not everyone will pre-mint.

Primarily it is always recommended to learn about how to use a Ledger cold storage wallet device bought directly from the official Ledger company sales website. Next to ledger Metamask and Coinbase wallets are good secure self custodial wallets where you control your privacy keys and assets via app base or browser/web based wallet applications.

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